Why NIR helps to control the beer process production?

As reported recently: ‘Near infrared and mid infrared spectroscopy offer opportunities to predict dozens to hundreds of compounds simultaneously at different stages of the brewing process.’ This gives an opportunity to monitor and ensure the stability of the complex wort and beer composition, not just content of specific components. NIR can help at different stages of beer production from …

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Basic facts about AI

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Any software which artificially replicates human cognitive features Very broad term, covering a wide range of technologies from very simple ones (such as Google maps) to a very complex, not yet developed models (such as a machine thinking like us) Machine Learning (ML) Subgroup of AI methods Interpolation …

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What is reinforcement learning?

We can distinguish three main techniques currently used in machine learning: Supervised learning We input to software a set of examples, which are labelled, therefore we ‘explain’ exactly how they should be interpreted Based on this, some generalised observations about the data can be made By extrapolation, software can ‘explain’ future, unknown data This approach is …

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The power of complementarity

Technology is complementary to human skills, not competing, as humans and machines are good at different things Machine learning tools excel at efficient data processing, where big amount of data are computed for a specific purpose. Humans are better at making judgements based on complex data Therefore, computers do not replace experts but allow them …

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